29.0 Why It Works: Heather Carter on Adversity


Do you wish you had more tools to overcome the inevitable hardships in life? Have you ever wondered why some people respond better to adversity than others? Do you wonder what it takes to keep going even when your mind wants you to stop?

In today's episode of "Why It Works," author and coach Heather Carter, reveals some of the hidden mechanisms behind why Adversity works. We explore the role of the inner voice, how perspective can make a difference, and the importance of a "Motivating Factor."

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Heather Carter is a Certified Mindset & Life Coach through The International Coaching Federation, Published Author, Workshop Leader, Founder of HC Mind & Body Transformation, and a Single Mother to 3 extremely successful young adults.

She has personally gone through a lot of difficult life change – losing her mother at the age of 3, growing up with an abusive/alcoholic father, dealing with his 4 near death experiences, losing a best friend in a car accident at 18, being homeless, pregnant, and broke at 22 and near homeless and bankrupt at 35 with 3 small children, reinventing herself after the age of 35-completely changing career paths at 40, going through 2 divorces, while raising 3 kids.

Heather has changed the lives of countless women and men around the globe dealing with anxiety, career issues, depression, past traumas, relationship issues, and dysfunction. She knows emotions can be a rollercoaster ride from fear to hope and everything in between. Through exploration, commitment, introducing new thought processes, and action steps her clients embark on a journey to achieving the best version of themselves possible.

Contact information:

Website: www.HeatherCatherineCarter.com

Email: heather@HeatherCatherineCarter.com

Text her: 925-325-7632


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