28.0 Why It Works: Hala Taha on Failure

Have you ever been skeptical about failure being a good thing? Did you know how you fail can make all the difference? Do you know that most successful people have many hidden failures that you may never learn about, but were the foundation to success?

In today's episode of "Why It Works," Hala Taha, reveals some of the hidden mechanisms behind why Failure works. We explore the role of positivity in failure, how she bounced back from her biggest failures, and she reveals if she could get a tattoo, what it would say (hint: it's 4 words).

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Hala Taha is the host and producer of Young and Profiting, which is created with the support of the talented YAP team. Hala started her career in radio at WQHT Hot97 on “The Angie Martinez Show.” Later she focused on an entrepreneurial endeavor― the launch an entertainment news blog site, “The Sorority of Hip Hop.” She led an all-female team of 50 bloggers, and together they ran the popular site, interviewed celebrities, produced radio shows, and hosted parties/concerts. When the blog site boom slowed down in 2014, Hala took a temporary exit from the entertainment industry to get an MBA. She now currently has over 4 years of corporate marketing experience at a Fortune 50 company and is quickly rising up the ranks.YAP merges Hala’s passions for radio, entrepreneurship, business, and continued learning.


website: www.youngandprofiting.com

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