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We are all born with unlimited potential, but somewhere along the way it gets trapped inside us. My purpose is to help you unlock your full potential. Believe it or not, every great person started out just like you - a blank slate. However, the goal is not to do or become someone else, but to be the best version of yourself. To get there, you need two types of connection. First, to connect to the power inside you that has been buried over the years. Second, to learn how to better connect with others, who are an essential part of the journey. Everything you need to succeed is some combination of these two abilities. It’s simple, but not easy so let’s get moving!



What does this picture reveal about how to unlock your Charisma?


You know your stuff. You prepare. You deliver. Yet, you’re still not getting the results you want — the results you deserve. People are not responding to you so the awards, accolades and admiration go to someone else. That other person has something you don’t — the power to capture others attention and imagination. That other person has Charisma.

So you go looking to learn about Charisma and problem solved, right? Wrong! It’s easy to find checklists about what people with charisma are like and the behaviors they exhibit. You try this approach and you fail — worse than before because now you are spending energy by trying to follow a checklist.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not the only one. If you would like to know how to really unlock your charisma, I’m going to tell you how and explain why I want you to know. Click to unlock.


If you're reading this, you may be feeling frustrated because despite your best efforts, you're having trouble connecting with someone.

I've learned there is a universal principle that allows you to click with anyone, anytime, anywhere. One simple switch can change the way you experience the world. Awkward silences will be replaced by magical connections and as a result, you will unlock your full potential.

I believe the best things in life are free (or should be) so I'm sharing everything you need to know. Click the button to begin!



What about an astronaut’s perspective is the key to unlocking your Connection?


Public Speaking

How is it that these people the key to overcoming your fear and becoming a great public speaker?

How are these people the key to overcoming your fear and becoming a great public speaker?


Did you know that in many surveys, public speaking is rated as people’s #1 fear, followed by death? Death! With any fear, there are two choices. We can either face it or avoid it.

Most people can move through life avoiding public speaking — save an occasional toast or work presentation. Fail miserably and you’ll notice people are not keen to ask you again. So why bother facing it?

When you avoid a fear, it diminishes you. It never goes away, but remains as an invisible confidence tax. By overcoming your fear, you regain access to opportunities you forfeited in the past.

The good news is you already have this power inside you — it just needs to be unlocked. Click to unlock!


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