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4.0 Why It Works: Michael Orth on Status Plays

Have you ever wondered why some people get heard and others get talked over? Do you know anyone who is so inflexible they can only play a single role, regardless of what the situation calls for? Did you know that even Supreme Court justices can face challenges to their status?

In today's episode of "Why It Works," Michael Orth, who is a Professional Imposter, reveals some of the hidden mechanisms behind high and low status plays. We explore the need to be aware and adaptable, how lowering or raising your own status can both help raise the status of others, and how challenging status norms often results in backlash.

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Michael Orth

Michael Orth calls himself a professional impostor. He started his career as an actor and improviser—then, after spending many years playing the role of a business professional in corporate presentations and events, he actually became one. For the last 20 years, he has worked with businesses that prioritize learning and development, helping them create and promote engaging and impactful learning experiences.



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