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Password Hack. Not that Kind!

The words we use everyday have tremendous power. Whether we are saying them out loud or repeating them inside our heads, we should never underestimate the effect such words have on our performance. I talk about about the danger of negative words in this post.

What is one of the most repetitive sequence of words we use every day? That's right, it's your computer password. So why not tap into this guaranteed repetition and use it for positive reinforcement?

What do I mean by this exactly?

So instead of using a gibberish password like "ru573eH$ghwos5hut" why not turn that into a phrase that is either a) aspirational, b) a goal, or c) a reminder of your value?

So for example:

a) Highestperf0rmerbonus$

b) Spendmoretimew/family2017

c) YouaretheglueGoTeam!

I've tried this and it does seem to have a positive effect. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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Free WiFi Surprise

If like me, you use your phone mostly at home or at work, chances are more often than not you are connected to WiFi. Also, a lot of restaurants, coffee shops and other retail places we frequent also offer free WiFi. All of this is great news because now running over your data plan is unlikely. Enter the spoiler. One scenario where finding WiFi is much more challenging is in transit. And if you travel often, you know this can rack up GB's pretty quickly and result in an expensive bill.

The other day I was on the way home from the airport and doing a couple of quick things on my phone. I was connected via my data plan and was pleasantly suprised when the driver asked if I wanted to connect to the car's WiFi. I said sure and just out of curiousity, ran a speed test to see how good the signal was. I was amazed at how fast it was. To put it in perspective, you need about 5 Mbps to stream Netflix HD video. Here is the result below.


So for an EZPZ way to get connected to WiFi on the road, check with your driver if they offer free WiFi as part of the service. Just remember that you should always be wary of any personal or work information accessed over someone else's WiFI network. Passenger be warned! 

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Help, My Kindle Can't Find My WiFi

I have a terrible affliction. Whenever there is some minor, but annoying technology glitch in my life, I have to experiment and research in an attempt to fix it, no matter how long it takes. Hopefully, I succeed and don't make things worse. And when I do succeed, all is right in the world as I emerge victorious! 

For the longest time I couldn't get my Kindle to recognize or connect to my WiFi. It had worked on a different WiFI router before so I was fairly sure it wasn't a problem with my Kindle.  

As it turns out, the solution was there, but it was hidden in an forum. All credit goes to user "2fatcats." Whoever you are, I salute you.

EZPZ solution:

1. Change the channel setting on your WiFi router from "automatic" to any channel from 1-11. That's it!

For some reason, the Kindle cannot connect with a router with "automatic" channel selection. 

See the original solution here.

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