Help, My Kindle Can't Find My WiFi


I have a terrible affliction. Whenever there is some minor, but annoying technology glitch in my life, I have to experiment and research in an attempt to fix it, no matter how long it takes. Hopefully, I succeed and don't make things worse. And when I do succeed, all is right in the world as I emerge victorious! 

For the longest time I couldn't get my Kindle to recognize or connect to my WiFi. It had worked on a different WiFI router before so I was fairly sure it wasn't a problem with my Kindle.  

As it turns out, the solution was there, but it was hidden in an forum. All credit goes to user "2fatcats." Whoever you are, I salute you.

EZPZ solution:

1. Change the channel setting on your WiFi router from "automatic" to any channel from 1-11. That's it!

For some reason, the Kindle cannot connect with a router with "automatic" channel selection. 

See the original solution here.