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A pet peeve of mine is having too many wires. I'm a big fan of wireless headphone, speakers, etc. And like most people I expect my laptop to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi so I can move about the room as I please. 

When traveling I've noticed some hotels only provide a wired connection. As a result, you are tethered to the desk for the duration of your stay. Recently, I stumbled upon a wireless solution that is relatively inexpensive and unbelievably portable.

Asus sells a pocket router (Model WL-330NUL) which is about the size AND weight of a pack of Juicy Fruit gum. It is billed as the world’s smallest router.

This will turn your wired connection into a wireless one. It takes a bit of patience to set it up, but once you do it is well worth the effort. Here is the basic setup.

Wi-Fi Router Set-up
1. Connect the Asus to power using the usb cable.
2. Plug the Internet cable in at the other end.
3. Connect your device (laptop, smartphone, etc.) via Wi-Fi to the Asus router. You will have to set up this network initially, similar to setting up your home Wi-Fi network.
4. Use your device anywhere in your room, wire free!