Getting Your Chromecast to Work in a Hotel


Having access to movies or TV programs when you are traveling is great for families, especially those with children. Having a travel friendly laptop, tablet or a larger phone is great for individual viewing, but doesn't cut it when it comes to enjoying a program together. Plenty of hotels provide a selection of free and paid entertainment through the TV in your room, but there are times when this doesn't cut it.

On your next vacation, expand what you can watch on the hotel TV by using your Chromecast (Roku or Amazon Fire TV stick).

What you Need:
A. Chromecast or similar device (including the power cord)
B. Hotel TV with an open and accessible HDMI port (for your Chromecast to plug into)
C. A wireless travel router (my favorite)

EZPZ steps:
At home
Before you leave, set up your Chromecast to work on the WiFi network that your wireless travel router uses.

At the hotel
1. Plug in your wireless travel router into the ethernet
2. Plug in your Chromecast into the back of the TV and plug in the Chromecast
3. Cast and enjoy Netflix, YouTube, etc!

Note: You might need to manually change the input on your TV. If you need help with this, check out the super secret way to do this with some of the more common TV's.

Finally, an alternative that requires less tech savvy is to bring your own portable DVD player and hook it up to the hotel TV.