Peruvian Business VISA in 10 EZPZ Steps

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm horrible with directions. My wife calls it my reverse super power. If there is a fork in the road, 9 times out of 10 I take the wrong one. So going to the Peruvian Consulate in Paterson, NJ for the first time might have presented some challenges.

Sidebar: If anyone has a Matrix or Dollhouse-like device that would make me good at directions, sign me up! And while we're at it, I'd like a cure for my tone deafness and the ability to perform a perfect Back-One set.

Back to the matter at hand. To make it easier for others who may be in a similar situation, I've put together some EZPZ directions on getting a business VISA from the Peruvian Consulate. It's not about the paperwork, which could change, but more about getting there and what to do at the consulate.

So here is what you do:

1. Park safely and quickly at this Public Parking Garage (bring cash)

2. Take the elevator to Floor M

3. Walk to the office building across the way

4. Take the elevator to floor 12

5. Walk down the hallway to the consulate

6. Go to the Information booth, tell them why you are there and get a number

7. Look at bottom of the TV screen for your number and listen for the ping for updates

8. Go to the back offices and find the module/cubicle that is next to your number

9. Do the necessary:

  • Hand the worker your papers.
  • Pay $30 cash.
  • Put your index finger on the fingerprint machine.
  • Sign the electric signature pad.
  • Strike a pose.
  • Go back out.
  • Wait for about 45-60 minutes till they call you back.

While you wait: There is a small cafeteria on the 12th floor (Kate's  Kitchen) run by a delightful Korean lady.

10. When they call you back in, sign a receipt, get back your passport and you're off!

I can't thank the staff at the Peruvian Consulate enough for their help with my business VISA. Monica and the rest of the folks were thoughtful and efficient. Great job!