The Tech That Saved Our Marriage

I have an uncle who without fail, falls asleep at every family gathering. My cousin has inherited this super-power. A sleep gene must run through our family because I'm also someone who can fall asleep under almost any conditions.

Noise? Check.
Caffeine? Check.
Exercise? Check.

On the flip side, my wife is a very light sleeper. Couple that with my construction site-like snoring and "Houston, we have a problem." My sleep apnea concertos were preventing her from getting a good night's sleep and understandably, she was not happy about it. I'd get pushed and poked at night, but wake up totally unaware and refreshed. You could not say the same for her. I was informed that this state of affairs was NOT going to be okay.

And so began our journey through snoring prevention land.

Sleep on your side? Check.
Special pillow? Check.
Nose-strips? Check.

None of these put a significant dent in my snoring. Then, a ray of hope appeared. We heard about a snoring mouthpiece made by your dentist that supposedly works wonders. It's molded to your teeth and holds your lower jaw slightly forward to minimize snoring. Nothing else had really worked so we asked our dentist to make one. There was a fitting and it wasn't the most comfortable thing to sleep with, but it worked!

Now we can both get a good night's sleep and I can bother my wife in more conscious and intentional ways! I highly recommend this device for you or your significant other (depending on who is the snorer).

Changed our lives!