5.0 Why It Works: Sarah Elkins on Storytelling


Have you ever wondered why some storytellers mesmerize you and others give Ambien a run for its money? How come some stories you tell have people on the edge of their seat and others induce yawns? Did you know that there is a lot more than words that goes into telling a good story?

In today's episode of "Why It Works," Sarah Elkins, a leadership and storytelling coach, reveals some of the hidden mechanisms behind storytelling. Listen in to find out the connection between vulnerability and storytelling, how lessons from music can improve your storytelling and the one thing that drives Sarah crazy about bad storytellers.

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Sarah Elkins



Elkins Consulting

Compelled to create space for people eager for personal and professional growth, Sarah launched the No Longer Virtual (NLV) events; limited participation, two day conferences with the theme "connecting beyond the keyboard." NLV was included twice in the list of "hidden gems" of "can't miss conferences for entrepreneurs" in Forbes online.

Sarah is a speaker, workshop facilitator and coach, musician and storyteller. She works with leadership and sales teams to improve communication by creating environments that encourage authentic connection and curiosity, using storytelling techniques to help people find personal stories to share, and ways to share them.

Her podcast, Your Stories Don’t Define You. How You Tell Them Will, can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and more. She’s an active blogger on LinkedIn and on her website.

Sarah lives in Montana, and enjoys hiking, fishing, and traveling. She loves to cook and host guests in her 1890 Victorian home, nourishing and nurturing all who visit.

That's where I think storytelling is so important...it connects us on such a personal and human level.
~Sarah Elkins

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No Longer Virtual, London, 2018 - http://elkinsconsulting.com/nlv-london/

No Longer Virtual, Atlanta, 2019 - http://elkinsconsulting.com/no-longer-virtual/


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