2.0 Why It Works: Mareo McCracken on Sales


Have you ever wondered why informercials are so compelling? Have you ever had an amazing experience with a sales person and wondered, why can't it always go like this? Did you know that some sales take place over the course of years instead of hours?

In today's episode of "Why It Works," Mareo McCracken, who is the Revenue Leader at Movemedical, reveals some of the hidden mechanisms behind good and bad sales approaches. We explore the predicament of sales incentives, the role of transformation in sales, and what it means that "the person who asks the best questions usually wins."  

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Meet Our Guest:


Mareo McCracken

Mareo McCracken is the Revenue Leader at Movemedical, where he leads the sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. Outside of family, reading, food, travel, and sports--driving organizational and individual growth are his passions. He loves finding meaning at the intersection of revenue, organizational health, and individual performance. 

Just by being reminded daily and then practicing daily, you can become a better version of yourself.
~Mareo McCracken.

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