Logitech 200 Universal Remote Control Fix

Have you ever been excited by a new piece of tech until your realized now you have another remote control to deal with? Do you feel like you need a Ph.D. to figure out how to switch from your cable, to your gaming console and back again? Ever see a house guests eyes glaze over as you try to explain to them the finger smashing gymnastics required to control the volume in your living room setup?

Several years ago I started using a universal remote (the Logitech Harmony 200) to simplify matters. It can control your TV, a cable box and a DVD player. Most importantly, it has a button to allow you to easily switch between one or the other. It worked flawlessly for several years when just the other day, it stopped working. At first, I thought it was dead batteries, but after putting in new ones, no joy. Then, I noticed the strangest thing. The TV, Cable, and DVD button along the top row were blinking green every few seconds. 

As it turned out, the problem was easily remedied. Somehow, the remote had unintentionally been put into "Safe mode." All I needed to do was reset it using the following EZPZ instructions.

1. Remove one battery

2. Hold onto the "2" button while putting back in the battery.

3. Test

I found the answer here on the Logitech community feed. Thank you kind sir!

Now what episode was I on?

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