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Nostalgic Rail Journey

The Choo Choo train chugs down the track,
White hot steam pours out its stack,

Ding ding ding the gate goes down,
To stop the cars, red, black and brown,

The conductor shouts, "tickets please,"
Walks down the aisle with jingling keys,

Trees and buildings all fly by,
A flock of birds sail through the sky,

The dining car is full of noise,
Feeding hungry girls and boys,

In the tunnel, dark as night,
The clacking wheels, seem louder right?

A train horn blows, the whole car shakes,
From a passing train, hauling freight,

The sun shines in, heads drooping down,
Won't rise again, till the next town,

Now slowing down, oh no, we're there!
Give up our seats? It's just not fair!

Walking away, one last look back,
Will dream of you, fine train and track.