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Thinking Outside the Box

If you want to test or validate what you believe is your healthy marriage, take a trip to Ikea with your partner. Ikea is a veritable litmus test for the quality of a marriage. If you don't believe me, go on a busy weekend and drink in the ocean of couples bickering over the size, color, and price of bookshelves. The clever maze that ensures you are offered as many buying opportunities as possible has the unfortunate side effect of adding navigational anxiety to an already tense purchasing scenario. Add to this recipe disgruntled, tired and hungry young children and fireworks are sure to ignite in 3, 2, 1.

Please don't misunderstand, this is intended as an observation and not as a criticism. Recently, my biggest challenge with respect to Ikea is of a hauling variety. Namely, figuring out how to lift and move unwieldy packages that weigh close to 100 lbs without injuring myself. And sometimes how you fit the same packages in the smaller variety of family car I drive these days. As it turns out, the EZPZ solution to both of these problems is the same. Just open the box! Most individual pieces are not that heavy and separating things gives you more options when you have tight quarters. One word of caution, though. There is a risk that pieces may come tumbling out and get damaged or lost, so open with care.

If you survive the marital gauntlet and the hauling proves to be a bigger challenge, try this tip and impress your partner with your ingenuity. 

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