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Who Is, Or Rather, Who Isn't Joe Kwon?

If you've stumbled across this site looking for Joe Kwon, unless you are looking for a Privacy and Compliance attorney, chances are you are not looking for me. This is not false humility, just a recognition that I'm not famous and when I search for myself on Google periodically, pretty much all of the hits are for Joe Kwon, the classically-trained cellist for the Avett brothers. We are both Korean, but my guess is the similarities end there. 

The only one who thinks I have ANY musical ability is my mom ("Hercules! Hercules!"). As a child I took what were very painful piano lessons (though now I am thankful for them) and wasn't horrible, but ultimately realized that performing music was neither my talent nor my passion. Oh, and I played clarinet in school and had a brief stint in our high school marching band. I know, I know...please take a moment to let the cool wash over you.

Funny thing is, our CEO plays the banjo and is actually a HUGE Avett Brothers fan and sometimes I wonder, when he hears the name Joe Kwon, what pops into his head? My shaved head or the song "I and Love and You." And when I followed our CEO on Twitter and he followed me back right away...hmmm.

The more famous and musically talented Joe Kwon also has a blog. Check it out here: Taste, on Tour. He talks about and take pictures of restaurants he likes and fellow diners. I imagine some of the more memorable moments on tour happen during these meals while breaking bread.

I started my EZPZ blog to share things that make me happy and make my life just a little easier. The sort of thing you would have a good conversation with a friend or close coworker about. So If you have a moment, please take a look around.

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