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EZPZ Money Saving Hack

Right now, if you have more than one credit card in your wallet, you may have one that has a price protection benefit. Wonderful in theory, but a nightmare in practice. If you're like most people, you don't have the time or inclination to a) monitor price drops, b) fill out complicated paperwork, or c) navigate the labyrinth that is an automated phone menu.

Earny is an app that automates the process for you and after you sign up, rebate checks just start showing up in the mail.

A few catches:

1) You have to give them access to the email you use for your online purchases and your Amazon account.

Admittedly not for the privacy conscious, but keep in mind that other "free" websites are regularly collecting data about you and selling advertising that is shown to you. These tactics are designed to liberate money from your wallet, whereas Earny is designed to put money BACK in your wallet.

2) They take a 25% cut of your rebate. So if you buy something for $60, and the price drops to $50, out of the $10 they collect for you $7.50 goes to you and $2.50 goes to Earny.

Why would I give away 25% of what I'm entitled to? I had the same thought, but quickly got over it because normally, I wouldn't be getting any rebate. And 100% of $0 is...$0.00. So I gladly give Earny a commission for their help and their set it and forget it technology.

Real figures: In one year of using Earny, I received $49 in rebates without doing anything.

Next steps:

If you are curious about signing up for Earny and this post has been helpful, please use my referral link HERE when signing up.

If you sign up and start to receive checks, please let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you.
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Protect Yourself at All Times

Are you a naturally suspicious person? Does it make you uneasy when you get a cold call and the person on the other line starts asking you for personal information? Have you ever started talking to someone who called you and you assumed was from your credit card company, but halfway through the conversation you doubted yourself and hung up?

If your gut is telling you to be worried, you should probably listen. This article from Lifehacker explains some of the details of “Vishing” (voice-based phishing). It's a method used by identity thieves to steal your credit card and personal information over the phone. Here’s how to tell if a call is actually from a scammer, and the best way to handle the situation if you’re not sure.

Listen for the following words when you receive a call from someone claiming to be your credit card company:

“We think there has been some suspicious activity on your credit card. We just want to confirm these transactions with you.”

If they say anything different, immediately hang up on them. Call the customer service number on the back of your credit card and ask them if someone from the company just called you.

Stay safe!

Never Get Another Store Credit Card Again

Have you ever been at the register about to pay when the clerk asks, "Would you like to open up a _______ card today and save an extra x% on your entire purchase today?" I picture a marketer, a psychologist and the devil in a conference room drafting this tantalizing offer.

If you bite, a dance begins where your personal information slowly circles a credit approval algorithm. As for the audience, you try to ignore the laser beams being shot from the eyes of the increasingly impatient people behind you. Hopefully, it goes smoothly and you are delayed only five minutes or so. And then for various reasons you never use the card again or only use it once in blue moon. It's one more card to keep track of until you finally get around to cancelling it.

As it turns out, there is an EZPZ way to avoid having to sign up for a store card. Recently we discovered at Macy's if you use Macy's gift cards you are also eligible for the extra discount as if you were using a Macy's card. So use your normal credit card to buy as many gift cards as you need to get the discount.

Good luck!

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