Winter is Coming

There were times last Winter when it felt like all I was doing was shoveling the driveway and I would have given my kingdom for a snowblower. This year, to guarantee that we have a mild Winter, I plan on buying a snowblower. I figure the more money I spend, the less snow we will get. And the less time I spend clearing the driveway, the more time I will have to rewatch Game of Thrones heading into Season 6 in the Spring. Still, some shoveling is probably inevitable, so here are my top 3 EZPZ tips for making it less grueling.

EZPZ tips for shoveling snow

1. Spray some Pam on your shovel to help heavy, wet snow slide off the scoop like delicately worded innuendo rolls off of Lord Vary's tongue.


2. If you don't have a giant knight like Ser Robert Strong to do you bidding, save your back and your Advil with a more ergonomic shovel.

3. While shoveling, prevent your phone from being rudely ripped from your pocket like Ned Stark was prematurely torn away from flabbergasted viewers by using wireless headphones.

Finally, some music to shovel to or just enjoy by the fire...

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