Road Trip Survival Tactics

Boring, nauseating and interminably long car rides seem to be a rite of childhood. I remember instigating with my little sisters because I felt bored in the car. Apologies!

Today, it's a different world and enter the saviour that is the smart phone/tablet and its precursor, the portable DVD player. I can safely assume there are less bruised shoulders ("punch-buggy blue!") and arguments because of these marvels of technology. It's also nice to have non-electronic alternatives, so if the content or battery runs out or you want to limit screen time, here are a few EZPZ alternatives.

1. Character performance. This is similar to Jimmy Fallon's "Wheel of Musical Impressions." The first person picks a song, the second person picks a character, and the third person has to sing the song as that character. So for instance, Darth Vader does Row, Row, Row Your Boat or Mister Rogers sings Boom Boom Pow.

2. Audio book. This is a nice option because audio books allow you to use your imagination while following the story.

3. Guessing game. When is it your turn your think of an object and tell the others the first letter of the object. Now people take turns asking you one question at a time about the object until someone can correctly guess what you chose. You can make it harder or easier by limiting the types of questions people can ask. Like only allowing questions that can be answered with a Yes or No.

Good luck on your next road trip and here's a video for the road.

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