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Welcome to Charisma Central!

Hello, world-weary traveler. You’ve been loyal — put in the time, sacrificed, and contributed, but you are still not getting the recognition you deserve. Instead, the praise, the rewards and sometimes even the credit go to someone else.

Or maybe you have a close friend who always becomes the center of any room. People are drawn to them and seem to glow when they are in their presence. You rack your brain trying to figure out what it is they do. Maybe you even ask them. You just can’t figure out the secret formula.

If you are tired of blending into the crowd, being passed over and playing second fiddle, then you’ve come to the right place.

By the time you leave, you will have everything you need to start developing more Charisma. All aboard!



Click the pic 👆 to find out why Charisma is hard to pin down

Click the pic 👆 to find out why Charisma is hard to pin down


Why is Charisma so elusive?

Ask 10 people to explain Charisma and you will get puzzled looks and wildly different answers. Everyone can spot it, but no one, even the people who have it, can seem to put their finger on the mechanism.

One reason why Charisma is so elusive is it lives in the energy between people. The person with the charisma and the person experiencing it. Also, charisma is less a group of behaviors and more a state of being. You can’t “do” charisma. You either “are” charismatic, or you are not.

The most important thing is if you can’t say what something is, you can’t get more of it. Quite accidentally, I ended up creating the only definition I’ve seen that actually explains how charisma works, not just what it does.

[Click the colorful smoke on the Left to get more insights from my EZPZ blog article, “Why is Charisma so Elusive and How to Get More"]

Click the pic 👆 to discover what does and doesn’t work

Click the pic 👆 to discover what does and doesn’t work


What doesn’t work

Almost every book and article on Charisma will not work for you. They all suffer from the same fatal flaws. It’s not you, it’s them. There is a reason why when you follow their advice, your results are hit-or-miss.

Flaw #1: Identifying how charisma makes people feel doesn’t teach you how to create the feeling.

Flaw #2: Stories about what worked for one person don’t work for another person.

Flaw #3: Creating a list of things people with charisma do will not create charisma.

[Click the sign on the Left to go to my Thrive Global article, “How to Develop Charisma — for real" for more on this]

Click the pic 👆 to learn how Charisma is generated

Click the pic 👆 to learn how Charisma is generated


Charisma is easy. If you understand it.

How do some people make charisma look so easy?

The simple answer is that they are not trying. The harder you “act” charismatic, the further away charisma will be.

The key is understanding the right state of being you need and what happens to you and others when you attain it. The secret is in the definition below. You already have everything you need. You just need to unlock it.

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Why should the rewards only go to the lucky few who were born with Charisma? Is it fair for others to get the attention, access, and credit you deserve?

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  • How to enter a state of being where Charisma flows

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