You Must Be Kidding Me! Subaru Clock Change


The first time I thought about a Subaru as a car choice was when I sat in my colleague's Subaru Outback. I noticed the seat height made getting in and out very easy. Other vehicles I've had felt like you were either doing the limbo or summiting Kilimanjaro. This felt more like you were getting in and out of your dining room chair. No muss, no fuss and certainly appreciated by those with back issues.

For the last several years we've been a Subaru family. In fact, we just moved to a 2018 Outback which is identical to our last one in almost every obvious way, except for the entertainment system.

Just one thing was driving me mad. For the life of me, I couldn't find a button or menu option that allowed me to change the time after daylight savings. I'm not an expert, but consider myself fairly tech savvy for these sorts of common consumer issues. Even the manual didn't seem to offer any answers.

Enter YouTube and an instructional video. Short, easy to understand, and got the job done. Thank you, Joseph Jenkins! 

If you are having this problem, here is the solution.

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