Slash Your Way to More iPhone Memory

Picture this. You are on vacation or at an event and want to quickly capture a memory on photo or video with your phone. But the fates are conspiring against you as you get the "Not Enough Storage" error message. You frantically go to delete some existing pictures or videos to free up some memory, but don't want to do so indiscriminately. Now you are ready to shoot, but you've missed the moment. 

If you have a phone that is running low on memory, there is an EZPZ way to free up memory. It's free and doesn't involve you deleting any existing pictures or videos. In a nutshell, you try to rent a large movie, say "The Last Samurai" from iTunes and your phone automatically tries to free up space so it can download. But since you don't have enough space on your phone, it won't download (and you won't be charged) and instead, you just get a free memory cleanup of your phone. This article below explains it well.

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