Easter Egg Memory Aid

I'm famous in my family for having a poor long term memory. One time my wife asked how I felt about buying a new couch and I gave a classic avoidant husband reponse. A few weeks later she asked again I was totally enthusiastic. She would have been happier, but was flabbergasted by the changing winds and asked me why I had been so against it earlier. I told her I honestly couldn't really remember a good reason why and instead encouraged her to ask me the same question periodically until she gets the response she likes the most. In a funny sort of way, my poor long term memory works out okay for us because my wife has a poor short term memory. Yin and Yang, opposites attract and what not. 

On Easter I was in charge of hiding the Easter eggs. With my memory limitations, I imagined findings missed eggs for the foreseeable future. But then it dawned on me. An EZPZ solution to finding all those cleverly hidden eggs. Just take pictures on my phone as I hide each and voila! Instant treasure map.


So the next time you need to hide and later find something, take a picture on your phone to create an EZPZ treasure map. I'm sure there's app for that, too. Happy Easter!

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