Convenient Way to Get a New DVR

One of my favorite tech inventions of recent memory is the DVR, which allows you to record TV broadcasts. No more waiting for a commercial to take a break or angst over whether to answer a call or not - just pause. No more commercials if you don't want to watch them, just fast forward. A one hour show can now be finished in 45 minutes. This is all great until your box goes glitchy.

I called customer service and they took me through a ton of tests and procedures, but the problem wasn't fixed. The last step they recommended was replacing the actual DVR. That feeling of being held hostage while waiting for the cable guy stinks. But to my pleasant suprise, they offered me two additional options. First, go to the cable office and switch it - better, but still not great. Cue flashbacks of long lines at the DMV. And then, the last option, they will mail it to you and you mail them back the malfunctioning DVR with the prepaid shipping label - EZPZ!

One disclaimer. While this is a convenient way, it isn't necessarily free. I was charged for both a second DVR device and service until they processed my return of the original. All in all, the pro-rated cost to me was less than $5 because I mailed back the malfunctioning DVR immediately, but I was surprised there was a cost at all.

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