Drink Beer Like a Boss

Or rather, drink beer like the boss - if you work for Sam Adams. Jim Koch, Boston Beer Company's co-founder and chairman knows a secret about drinking beer on the job.

Most people have a holiday party or wedding story about an out of control guest. Often, alcohol consumption factors into the equation. Storming the helipad? Nice. Inadvertantly letting things best left unsaid out of the "vault?" Ouch. Generally unprofessional behavior towards senior leadership and their loved ones? Boom! That was the sound of your upward mobility being blown to smithereens and if you are lucky, you might remember what you did. 

So there is a sort of tight rope it makes sense to walk between relaxing camaraderie versus potentially making a fool of yourself. Like these two.

In an interview with Esquire, Jim Koch, the face of Sam Adams, revealed his trick to drinking all day without getting drunk.

He consumes active yeast, one teaspoon per beer, right before he starts drinking. Instead of eating a packet of yeast as-is he mixes the white powder with some yogurt. The enzymes in the yeast break down alcohol similar to how the liver metabolizes alcohol.

He ends with a warning, “It will mitigate – but not eliminate – the effects of alcohol!”

Now relax, kick back, and enjoy some music from the one and only "Boss."

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