Food Hacks from an Iron Chef (Watcher)

During my single twenties, I made an effort to cook meals for myself from time to time. Don't get me wrong, I was no Iron Chef and I had dinner at my girl Wendy's (mmm, Spicy Chicken Sandwich) a bit more than I should, but I thought I was doing okay on the cooking competency scale for bachelors. I even had a pasta dish that received some compliments so I cooked it for my wife while we were dating. Fast forward to our married years and any offers I made to cook dinner were turned away. I assumed it was some sort of unspoken traditional division of duties. One day, I finally asked my wife why she never let me cook dinner. She hemmed and hawed, but I insisted she give me a straight answer. Reluctantly she told me, "Well, I don't like your cooking." Mind blown...self-image shattered! Okay, that's an exaggeration and I have since settled into my role as occasional sous chef.

My point is I don't have any great first-hand cooking tips to share with you. However, the first EZPZ food hack below I've found very useful and the last one is just cool to watch.  

#1 Get the most juice out of a lime (works for lemons, too)

#2 Watermelon cubes, easiest way to cut a watermelon

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