Upward Mobility


I am suffering from some serious Game of Thrones withdrawal. This speech by Littlefinger reminds me of a great piece of advice I received long ago from a Third Circuit judge. My summer job was in Trenton interning for a N.J. District court judge and she arranged for us to have lunch with her colleague. This gentleman left quite an impression on the four first-year law students. He could still remember the most minute details of cases he had decided years before like the name of the witness' dog. We were just soaking in his stories and bits of wisdom. But it was his parting words that left the biggest impression. 

He said he understood that we were all ambitious and wanted to advance our careers. And he knew that we would have battles along the way and would sometimes have to push others down as we climbed the ladder. But he reminded us the legal community is small and that sometimes you will find your positions reversed, so never screw anybody extra.