Organization All-Star

Have you ever found yourself deep sea fishing to locate a charging cord, headphones, or other small object from depths of your bag? And why does this happen so often when you are under some sort of time pressure, like about to catch a taxi or train or head outside? I have a name for this - the "Pit of Despair." And of course, adding insult to injury, after you've sworn it's not in there and at a time where it really doesn't matter anymore, you find it hanging out with some lint creatures.

I stumbled across a nifty solution for this EXACT organizational indignity. It is called the GRID-IT organizer. Long story short it is board with a series of elastic bands that you use to secure your everyday items so you can retrieve them in a sane and orderly fashion. They come in a few different shapes and sizes.

You can find them online or at various stores. I think I got mine at the local Container Store. Good luck and hope you avoid the Pit of Despair!



Scene from "The Princess Bride" - The Pit of Despair