Where Ideas Go To Die

Ever have an amazing idea you can't pursue in that moment? If you are like me, more often than not you don't come back to it. You might even struggle to remember it at all. Ever wake up from a vivid dream you swear could make a great movie, only to have it fade away like so much smoke? Welcome to the cemetery of lost ideas.

There is an EZPZ way to capture your musings, potential screenplays and other ideas and it is right under your nose. The Voice Notes recording functionality on your phone is a simple way to memorialize ideas.

This has several advantages. It is hands-free and you can dictate while walking or driving. Not terribly safe, but safer than typing! Also, the mere process of speaking your ideas out loud makes it more likely that you will remember them. Finally, playing back your ideas and listening to them can be a helpful mirror by which you can evaluate, refine, and improve them.

So the next time you have the next big idea, a great joke or comeback, record it!