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What We Do

Maybe you are great at your job, hard-working and honest, but there's still a problem.

Your feelings of disconnection in one or more areas is frustrating you and limiting your potential.

We help our clients improve their ability to click with anyone, anytime, anywhere across various areas.

Areas of Focus

Career Advancement: You receive praise for your work, yet fail to receive promotions while others advance.

Executive presence: You are ignored or shot down in meetings or your presentations lack engagement.

Job search: Your applications do not connect with recruiters, and your connection during interviews do not result in job offers.

Networking: Conferences, holiday parties and other social events are dreadful and fail to produce any meaningful connections.

Management: Your team feels totally disconnected, unmotivated and unresponsive.

Upward Management: Getting leadership to listen and understand is a constant struggle.

Other Professional Disconnection: Other areas where you feel the failure to connect with others is frustrating and limiting your potential.

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How It Works

Our starter program consists of a 4 session package, with a choice of voice or video meetings.

Sessions are 60 minutes long and typically held on a weekly basis, which clients can adjust according to their schedule. There is no commitment beyond the initial starter program, though clients may renew for additional packages, as needed.

Got Questions?

What do I need to start? A desire to improve your ability to connect and a dedicated time to talk.

Do you offer a free consultation? I’m happy to set up a brief call to understand your issue, answer questions about the process, and determine if coaching is a good fit for us.

What makes you better than other coaches? Nothing. My effectiveness as a coach comes from my unique experience, perspective and style of communication. Other coaches may be a better fit for you and I welcome all feedback.

What will coaching with you be like? There are several ways for you get a sense of what to expect before we move forward:

Download my Free guide

Read the EZPZ blog

Listen to the Why It Works podcast

Take a Free online course

Our Approach



Every client is starting from a different place and has a unique connection challenge. You will receive an individualized strategy tailored to your specific needs so you can start connecting as soon as possible.



Knowing is only half the battle. The other half is trying, falling down, getting up, and doing it all over again. You will practice in the safety of the Connection dojo and through practice you will be transformed.

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Communicating and understanding interpersonal concepts can be challenging. You will learn through physical correlates that will allow you to grasp and feel the universal truths you will uncover for yourself.


Call or fill out the form to start clicking!

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How to Pay

1. I will send you an email through the payment service Zelle

2. The email will be sent from Zelle (Notifications@zellapay.com” and say:

JOSEPH H KWON requested


“[your full first name] coaching”

Note: Don’t try to click the SEND MONEY button on this page, it is just to show you what the email will look like.

3. If you have any issues or concerns, just email me at joe@connectioncounselor.com for support. Thanks!

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