Greatness Doesn't Always Look Great

Within EVERY successful person, there is a hidden mediocrity and sometimes even, humiliation. However, successful people don't define or limit themselves by their weaknesses or hardships. For example, see if you can guess who this historical figure is!

Who am I?

As a youth, I suffered a concussion and ruptured a kidney while misjudging a jump off a bridge.

I nearly drowned in a Swiss lake.

I fell off horses several times.

While disembarking from a ship in India, I dislocated my shoulder.

While learning to fly, I crashed the plane.

I was hit by a car looking the wrong way while crossing New York's Fifth Avenue.

Who is this klutz?

Seems like a walking disaster. Could you take such a person seriously?

Would you follow this person into battle or take orders from them?

Could you ever imagine this person possessing gravitas? Or delivering inspirational speeches that stirred a nation and helped change the course of history?

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I am Winston Churchill and I can be clumsy.

P.S. None of these incidents seemed to have impacted Churchill's longevity. He lived until 90.