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Books that Blew My Mind

In no particular order other than by year, here are the books that had a significant impact on my personal development and resulted in a marked improvement in my life.



Make It Rain

This book will turbo-charge your understanding of how getting on shows really works and moreover, will teach you how to make the most out of your appearances to advance your career. See my Connection Counselor book review here.

A New Earth

A helpful way to think of your ego and an approach to bring more inner peace into your life. It’s Oprah’s favorite book by the way.

Atomic Habits

Just blows other books about habits right out of the water. It’s that good.

The Challenger Sale

Leverages the principles of connection, leading and behavior change that I know to be true and applies them to the high stakes area of complex solutions sales. No gimmicks here, just hard-earned wisdom.

Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Just the section on “Brules” makes this book worth the read.

The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work

Exposes myths about the effectiveness of marriage counseling and conflict resolution and shares what is really needed to make a marriage work.

The Dip

Best short book you will read this year. Know when to hold them, know when to fold them — applied to life.


A manual for living a whole life and fulfilling your potential.

The Aladdin Factor

If you are an obliger, or have a difficult time asking for things, this is the book for you. Within the first few days I was receiving things I never would have even thought to ask for before. It’s a lot of fun, once your get over the terror.

The Dichotomy of Leadership

Battle-tested, real-world leadership skills. Need I say more? My favorite part is how the book, rather than being a macho manifesto, is driven by principles underlying emotional intelligence and Daoism. Seriously. What’s not to like?

The Year of Magical Thinking

Just a beautiful memoir and reflection on life, love and loss from one of the most impactful writers of our time.


I’m all about finding the underlying principles of why things work and this book delivers that. I don’t entirely agree with the system, but there is a lot to learn from here.