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We hone awareness, focus and finding flow to achieve better results.



You learn a new technique and are feeling pretty confident. However, in the chaos of real life, your technique falls apart or is ineffective. Why? A technique only works under specific conditions. The ultimate goal of learning a technique is to master the underlying principles that allow you to respond to whatever challenges come your way.

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Would you rather go whitewater rafting with a guide who has never gotten wet, but has mastery of the terrain, hydrodynamics, and the latest raft technology OR the guide who has been braving the rapids every day, falling in, getting up, and doing it all over again? To improve understanding is not enough. We must do. It is through practice that we are transformed.



It's easy to forget that the easier someone makes something look, the more time they have spent struggling and polishing their craft. By preparing for the worst case scenario, under difficult, but safe conditions, you improve your chances for success for when it counts. We set you up for the most success by preparing you for the most failure. 

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